PUBG Mobile is coming to India in a new way: Learn full details.

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The South Korean game PUBG, which is very popular in India, is going to make a new entry in India. The game was banned in India for data security in 2020. After PUBG was banned, the company was trying to re-launch the game. But this is not possible without the approval of the government, so the company was trying to get the approval of the government for re-launch. A few days ago, it was heard that the government had given the green light for the re-launch of PUBG. But a few days later, PUBG India was renamed Battle ground mobile India on YouTube, twitter and other social media sites. A small video was also shared on YouTube stating that PUBG mobile would soon be called Battle ground mobile India.

Pre-registration of Battle ground mobile India

The company has posted another video on its YouTube channel, which states that pre-registration for the game will begin on May 18.

Some features of this game

A new website has been created by Krafton for this game that talks about some of the features of this game. The data for this game is going to be in India. Children under the age of 18 who want to play the game have to get their parents’ permission. So even though nothing is said about your old account, we hope that your old PUBG account will work on the new game. The game will only be played in India, and it may not be possible to play with players from abroad. The company also confirmed that tournaments and eSports will be held for the game, just as it was for PUBG.

Krafton also refused to allow all gamers to call the game PUBG, fearing that the game would be banned again.

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