PUBG mobile india: launch date, new updates and more

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The popularity of online gaming in India is growing day by day.

India has set a record with 365 million online gamers in the 2020 financial year.

The number is expected to reach 510 million by 2022. While there are many popular online games in India, multi-player battle royal games have become more popular.

Although there are many multiplayer battle royal games like Free Fire, COD in India, PUBG is a popular game.

But on September 2, 2020, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India banned 59 Chinese apps, including PUBG.

Which is why PUBG India is not currently available. Since PUBG was banned for data security, PUBG’s parent company, KRAFTON Inc., partnered with Microsoft for a data center in India, but PUBG has not yet been launched in India.

According to some rumors, the PUBG would have been launched in India on December 12.

But it is now delayed because the government of India has not allowed its launch.

PUBG is expected to launch in India on February 2021, if some rumors are to be believed.

According to some sources, PUBG may be coming at Christmas.

According to a recent report, the government has now postponed the launch of PUBG. The reason behind this is that the game is affecting the mentality of young children and the game is addicting gamers.

Expected features of upcoming PUBG mobile India

  1. According to the report, some new features will be added to the PUBG.
  2. According to the report, the user interface of PUBG mobile India will be slightly different from the global version of PUBG.
  3. The new game will also have a time limit that will take care of gamers’ health

Although no conformation has been reached on the launch of PUBG so far, it is expected that the PUBG may be launched in Christmas or in February 2021. But the PUBG needs to get government approval to launch in India, which has not been possible yet.

Welcome gift leaked online

According to a report by Indian Express, some youtubers claim to have seen the welcome gift of PUBG mobile India amidst the global version of PUBG mobile. According to them, the gift will be given to the players who will download it during the launch of PUBG.


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