Do you really need a 5G mobile at this time?

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The biggest question that you have now is whether you should buy a 5G phone at this time.

 First of all I want to thank you for choosing our blog. We will try our best to answer this question.Well our simplest answer, no. Now you have the question again, why ? There are many reasons for this, which we will discuss one by one below.If it’s not worth buying now, why are companies making 5G phones?His simple answer was business. 5G’s crazy ness is on the rise in India. Taking advantage of this, companies are launching 5G phones. It may still take a few years for the 5G network to arrive in India.So let’s discuss point by point about the reasons why we are refusing to buy you 5G mobile right now. 

5G service has not yet arrived in India

You may have heard that Airtel has tested 5G in Hyderabad. This is true, but Airtel has not yet commented on when 5G will arrive in India.You have also heard that by the end of this year, Jio may roll-out its 5G service in India.Whatever you hear, the truth is that 5G is not in India right now and it will take more time for 5G service to run in India. That’s why buying 5G mobile at this time is nothing but a waste of money. So let’s discuss why 5G needs more time to rollout in India.The Government of India has not yet commented on the 5G spectrum auction. The 5G spectrum is expected to be auctioned by the end of 2021. Then there are the many processes such as field trials, testing so it can be expected that it will take another 2 years for 5G to roll-out for commercial use in India. After roll-out for commercial use, it will take longer to roll-out to 5G in your city.So I don’t think you want to run a mobile for more than 2-3 years. So it is foolish to buy a 5G mobile at this time. 

Many 5G mobile will not support 5G

It may sound strange to you, but it’s true. Many 5G mobiles in India will not support 5G after 5G roll-out.Let’s talk about why.The majority of the phones in India that see the 5G band of the n78 will not support 5G after the 5G rollout.This is because the n78 supports a spectrum of 3500 mHz, but the government is not going to take that spectrum now. So all mobiles that only support n78 band may not support 5G after 5G rollout. But 5G will run on all mobiles that support all bands.  

5G mobiles lack other specifications

You may have seen many 5G mobiles that compromise with other specifications such as camera, display.So buying 5G mobile now that has less specifications and no longer supports 5G, would be foolish to buy.  

What do we think?

If you want to buy a mobile phone now, we suggest you buy a good 4G mobile phone.And if you just want to buy a mobile phone for 5G, you have to wait a few months. Later, cheap and good 5G mobile will be available in the market. ALSO READ| Samsung Galaxy F12: Specifications, Price & Review.

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