Awareness of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy: Full details on WhatsApp Status

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WhatsApp’s new privacy policy has become a headache for itself because people don’t like it.

People are moving to messaging apps like Telegram, Signal other than WhatsApp.

In a tweet, Elon Musk told his followers to use the Signal messaging app so that many people moved from WhatsApp to Signal.

While WhatsApp has taken a step back, it has already announced that this privacy policy is only for business accounts.

Earlier, it was said that if you do not agree to the new privacy policy by February 8, your account will be deleted, but now the date has been moved to May 15.

While WhatsApp has already shared all this information on its social media to create awareness among the people, today (Sunday) all these details will also be available on your WhatsApp status page.

WhatsApp has shared four photos in this status which we will give you below the full details.


In the first photo, WhatsApp says about its security. This status reads “we are committed to your privacy”.


# WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy

The second photo says that WhatsApp can’t read or listen to your personal conversations because they are end-to-end encrypted.


The third photo tells about the location.

WhatsApp can’t see your location.


The fourth photo tells you about your contact.

It says WhatsApp does not share your contacts with Facebook.


In addition, WhatsApp is sharing a link in these photos so that you can know which data is being shared with Facebook and which data is not being shared with Facebook.

The link is

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