5 Points that should be considered when buying Refurbished mobile.

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We have already published an article for you. In it we told you whether you should buy used or refurbished mobile. Find out today what points to look out for if you want to buy.
It is important to pay attention to some points when buying refurbished mobile.
If you don’t pay attention to these points, you will be a victim of fraud and your mobile may not be in good condition.
So let’s focus on those points.

Buy from a good website or app

You will find many websites on the internet that offer mobile phones very cheaply.
Usually these are scams. So when buying a mobile phone, make sure you buy it from a trusted website.
You can buy mobile from a trusted website or app like 2gud, Amazon, Cashify.

Condition of Phone

Once you have brought the mobile, check it out thoroughly.
Note the stains or damage on the exterior. Go to the website from which you bought the mobile and check once that the number of dent on your mobile is no more than the number written on the website.
Also check the internal parts of the phone so that all of its parts are working, such as cameras, displays and other parts. Also check the accessories with the phone well.
If you are told on the website that you will get original brand accessories with your mobile, please note that the accessories are original. Check him out once.
If any of these problems occur, you can replace the mobile by calling the company’s customer service center.

Check the model number and IMEI number

Many websites call you a mobile model and give you another model, so check your mobile model once.
Also match the IMEI number of the mobile with the IMEI number on the invoice.
You can find out the IMEI number of your mobile by dialing * # 06 # in the mobile phone dial.

Factory Settings

When buying a refurbished mobile, it is important to note that it may have erased all data from its owner. Companies erase all mobile data by factory reset the mobile.
If you see some data on your mobile, chances are it hasn’t been fully refurbished.


Warranty is provided on many refurbished mobile.
Since these mobiles are refurbished, there is a possibility that there is an error, so this warranty can save you from losing money.
That’s why pay attention to how long the warranty of the mobile is when buying.

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